What Happened to the Gym? The truth about the soggy floor

Lincoln High School’s main gym has been out of commission for the past month due to an issue with the flooring caused by a leak from an unspecified location following one of the many nor’easters that have hit New England in 2018. Gym classes, sports teams, and the Freshman Frolic and Sophomore Hop have all been forced to move to other locations, and as of right now, it’s still unclear how long they’ll have to remain there. The issue is not, contrary to popular belief, exposed asbestos. “There’s asbestos in lots of different places in the building,” said Principal Kevin McNamara, “but there’s not a remediation that has to take place in the gym right now.” The gym is, however, “prepared,

The Best Things Come in Threes

When you hear those three heartbeats, you won’t know what you are in for. You will be scared but happy. You will buy clothes in threes, buy food in threes, and purchase Christmas presents in threes. If you happen to be one of those three heartbeats, you will probably never need a math tutor, or any tutors for that matter. You are in for a life of matching clothes, sharing a room, sharing a car, sharing a birthday. You will be a triplet. It’s a rare experience being a triplet. In 1998, England only had 297 triplet births. In 2017, the estimated birth rate of triplets in the United States was about five for every 100,000. They become rarer if all the children are fraternal and even

‘Dungeons and Dragons’ isn’t just for nerds anymore

It is night in the windy desert, the normally desolate landscape is filled with the three fleeing refugees and the corpse of the creature they had just slain. It is a massive bug, resembling in many ways a cockroach. The three heroes have faced near death, even before the great battle which just occurred, but now they take the opportunity to rest for the night before going back to fleeing by sunrise. This is the sort of description one might expect to see when playing Dungeons and Dragons. In fact, this particular scenario is one which I myself lead with some friends from this school. However, for someone on the outside looking in, this may seem very strange. Dungeons and Drag

Is Anyone Truly Happy?

“If somebody doesn’t exactly like me, I believe it’s only because they haven’t gotten to know me and my good side enough,” states Junior Marty Gaughan who feels that happiness allows people to have the confidence to achieve their dreams. Would you say you are a happy person? Do you know what makes you happy? Would having more money make you happier or, would being happier make you more money? Albert Schweitzer once said, “Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.” Generally, happiness has to do with an emotional and mental state of welfare that can be characterized through pleasant and pos

Grieving Dr. Shephard Blurring the lines between fantasy and reality- without television

It’s a Friday night after a long day of school. You decide to reward your hard work from the week with a Netflix binge, picking up from where you left off on Grey’s Anatomy. Approximately 45 minutes later you find yourself curled up in a ball in your bed, sobbing over the death of Dr. Derek Shepherd and internally cursing Shonda Rhimes. On some level, you feel absolutely ridiculous, aware that you are in fact mourning the death of a fictional character who does not actually exist. Still, you cannot fight the entirely too real emotions washing over you as wipe away streams of your tears. We have all been there, whether we are mourning the death of a favorite character from a TV s

The Power Behind True Creativity

It is so unimaginable how a creative person comes up with their ideas and themes for artistic pieces. True creative artists feel and live their artwork because they have a special connection to their passion. Having a creative mind is like watching a movie constantly, there is always film flying across your forehead and behind your eyelids. When your eyes are closed, your mind does not stop, that’s mostly where the best ideas come from. The non-stop occurance of imagination helps those creative people do what they love to do, create! People without a creative mind do not experience the images that rush through their minds. Thankfully, most artists can take their imagination and turn it into

Throwing Lincoln into a New Era

Many LHS athletes have gone on to play sports at the college level, particularly for baseball, football, softball, track, lacrosse, and field hockey. But only a few of them have enjoyed a national ranking and then moved to a D1 school. When there is a student with an impressive national profile, he or she can go to college vitrually anywhere. This year, Garrett Doyle, who will be choosing where he wishes to spend his next four years, is currently ranked second in the nation for the hammer throw for his age group. A hammer is a 12-pound metal ball connected to a yard-long piece of aluminum that is thrown onto the field. It sounds simple- spinning in a circle and throwing a ball. Howev

It’s amazing what billions can do for the future of humanity

Elon Musk certainly fits the archetype of an eccentric billionaire. From independent excursions in building rockets to starting a private business called the “Boring Company”, he is certainly not the conventional person. With a net worth of 21 billion there are few things which can’t be imagined as possible to do. Musk seems to always be looking towards the future of humanity, trying to push it to a more technologically advanced state and making life feel almost like a science fiction film. Some of the strides he’s been starting now is the aforementioned “Boring Company”. The company was founded in late 2016, seemingly after the billionaire became fed up with Los Angeles traff

Spring will always come again

Although it may not feel like it, spring has sprung. And with it comes (eventually) the melting of snow and the sprouting of plants in its place. Merriam Webster published a list of words relating to this season of growth and rebirth that have been deemed “lost” from our modern day lexicon. Among these was “repullulate,” meaning “to bud anew.” I for one can’t think of a better word to express what I am sure many of us are feeling at this point in the year. It’s been a long winter, filled with holidays, midterms, exhibition, college acceptances, and the looming unknowns that always come along with planning for the future. But then spring comes. The weather gets a little warmer. The s

You flunked the Facebook Quiz

If it isn’t one thing, it’s another. On Tuesday March 20, the Federal Trade Commission began an investigation into Cambridge Analytica, a British political consulting firm that accessed the data of approximately 50 million users of the social media dominant, Facebook, in order to profile voters in the 2016 presidential election. With scandals like this, it can be difficult to chronologically break down everything that’s occurred. So maybe this will help. We’re all familiar with those personality quizzes that pop up on our Facebook feeds. The ones that will ask what your favorite food is and based on that they will tell you your spirit animal? Turns out, these quizzes are not as

Why Wait for Happiness?

Ah, spring. A time when snow filled skies turn blue and bleak landscapes become painted with sunshine. A time when the cold hard ground turns soft and forgiving once more. A time when flowers make their annual visit, poking their heads above the earth and making the world seem at least a little more beautiful. While spring does mark the transition of the weather and the surrounding scenery, it also marks the transition of seniors’ thoughts. Filled with college acceptances and rejections, the spring is often the time when seniors really start to think carefully about their futures. As we prepare to leave the familiar territory of high school, we begin to seriously contemplate what we w

RI Supreme Court “rides the circuit” to Lincoln

In years past, the Rhode Island Supreme Court would “ride the circuit” and travel statewide to hear arguments, because before the invention of the car, it was often difficult for all parties to make it to court. Once the infrastructure, as well as automotive technology, improved this practice was discontinued. But for the last 17 years, the court has revived the practice, travelling once or twice a year to different venues around the state to hear their cases for the day and make the judicial process more transparent for Rhode Island residents. On Wednesday, April 4, five esteemed Justices of the Supreme Court “rode the circuit” to Lincoln High School to hear three appeals: The S

The Madness Comes to a Close Following a Unique Tournament

The one seed Villanova Wildcats faced off against the three seed Michigan Wolverines for the National Championship in one of the most anti-climactic games of the tournament. With around 6 minutes left in the first half, Villanova took a lead and never looked back as they cruised to a 79-62 win to cut down the nets for the second time in three years. Villanova is the first team since North Carolina in 2009 to win every NCAA tournament game by double digits. Villanova dominated the stat sheet against Michigan, having a better field goal percentage, three-point percentage, free throw percentage, rebounds, assists, blocks, and less personal fouls. Michigan only shot 3/23 from the three-poi

Junior League Basketball is finishing a great year

At the center of Parks & Rec (LPR) sports for teenagers is Junior League. It has been a long standing institution that always promises an exciting culture of friendly and fierce compeition. This year’s J league was especially interesting and competitive. Since we are heading into the playoffs, the only thing left to do is review the basektball season, from broken gyms to buzzer beaters. J league was on the chopping block as of the beginning of this year. Last year, the league only had 18 to 25 people sign up, less than half of what you need to have a league. The LPR staff decided to change that this year. With the help of Director Alan Moreau and assistant Director Scott Winslow,

Conservative POV: Death Penalty

A young man stands in the courtroom, waiting for the verdict of his case to be delivered. He has been accused of committing some of the most heinous crimes in history, and DNA evidence left at the scene of the crime proves without a doubt that he is responsible for the tragic events. Just a year prior, his advances were rejected at a party, and his emotions soon got the best of him. He dragged the girl outside and raped her before brutally beating her, leaving her dead. The courtroom is silent. You could hear a pin drop as the door opens up and the jury files in. Finally, one member of the jury stands, takes a deep breath, and shakily says the words, “We the jury find the defendant guilty.”

Liberal POV: Death Penalty

One in twenty-five people who are put to death in the United States are later found to be innocent. That may seem like a small amount, but if 100,000 people were sentenced to death, over 4,000 of those people would actually be innocent. It seems that “guilty with unreasonable doubt” doesn’t really mean what it used to. The fact of the matter is that the death penalty should not exist anywhere in the world. I understand why people would support the death penalty; they want the convicted individual to be severely punished for what they did, thus death seems like the worst punishment for anyone. However, there is one more punishment that is worse than death: a life-sentence without the p

Faculty Fast Talk: Mrs. Sherri Jeschke

What color is your soul? Royal purple If you could have dinner with any person on Earth, who would you choose? Walt Disney Ice cream or frozen yogurt? Ice cream What is your spirit animal? Giant Panda If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, which would it be? Pasta Night owl or early bird? Early bird gets the worm! What is one thing you would bring to a deserted island? My dog for companionship. Vegetable you hate the most? Celery Favorite meat? Filet mignon Eliminate one: breakfast, lunch, or dinner Can’t. I love to eat too much. Favorite superhero/villain? Gru from Despicable Me. What would you be doing if you were not at your current job? Doggy daycare owner. If you coul

Supreme Court hears three cases

On April 4, 2018, Lincoln High School hosted the Supreme Court of Rhode Island, giving Lincoln High School students the opportunity to witness three cases being presented. These cases included Ian Delong v. RI Sports Center, Angela Luis v. Kevin Gaugler, and State of Rhode Island v. Ashner Alexis. The first case, Ian Delong v. RI Sports Center, featured a former Curry College hockey player as the plaintiff. He alleged that he was injured by the noxious fumes at the defendants’ ice rink facility, which landed him in the hospital, and the medical records from the hospital state that he suffered from noxious dioxide poisoning. On appeal, the plaintiff argued that the hearing

When Does Adulthood Really Start?

We all know that once we turn 18, we officially become adults in the eyes of the law. We are allowed to gamble, vote, open a bank account, get a tattoo, and many other things all because we are no longer bound by the permission of our parents. However, are we really adults when we turn 18, or are we just glorified children? When we turn 18, most of us are still in our senior year of high school. We live with our parents, having them continue to provide everything for us, and we prepare for the next big step of our lives: college. Of course, college is where the real freedom begins. Most of us will live on campus, away from our families, and are forced to make sure we take care of ours

Faculty Fast Talk: Mr. Roy Boudreau

Who, alive or dead, would you most like to throw cold spaghetti at? Miley Cyrus Favorite Halloween costume you have ever had? 70s Saturday Night Fever Disco Guy What color is your soul? White with a few speckles If you could have dinner with any person on Earth, who would you choose? Paul McCartney Ice cream or frozen yogurt? Always Ice Cream Any embarrassing nicknames? None If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, which would it be? Pasta Night owl or early bird? Both. I require little sleep What is one thing you would bring to a deserted island? My wife If you could be on any reality TV show, which would you choose? None. If had to choose then Ellen’s Games of Games Show

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