Rights For Student Journalists Under Debate

Three years ago, Anthony Mazur, a student photographer at Flower Mound High School in Texas, was selling some of the 4000 photographs he took for the school yearbook. These were school sports photos taken of students at the school he attended. When his school administration found out about his Flickr page (which people can use to purchase pictures), he was immediately ordered to take the page down or face in-school suspension and be banned from all extracurricular activities. Today, Mazur is in a legal battle with the Lewisville Independent School District over the exclusive ownership of these photos. Mazur argues that he was the one who snapped the photos, and therefore they should be his;

One Last Look At the Class of 2018’s Senior States of America

Inspired by some of the world’s best portrait photographers, our staff set out to capture the unique spirit and flair of the Class of 2018. With humor and affection, they exposed the unique and mundane as we see it daily in the halls of Lincoln High School. Join The Lion’s Roar in saluting every member of one of the school’s smallest but most formidable group of graduates.

Faculty Fast Talk: Mr. Kevin McNamara

Have you ever cheated on a test? 2nd grade spelling Do you have any siblings? No What is your favorite ice cream flavor? Mint chocolate chip Do you get nervous before doctors appointments? No Favorite holiday movie? White Christmas What is your drink of choice in the morning? Coffee, just black Last movie you saw at the theater? I can’t remember Do you have any strange/unique hobbies? No What is one thing you love about yourself? I think I can be funny What is your fatal flaw? Do things too fast Middle name? John Favorite word? Right now? Tremendously Favorite breed of dog? English Bulldog Oreo: cookie or cream? Cookie Does pineapple belong on pizza? No What is your favorite place in the who

Should 16-year-olds vote?

As soon as I turned 16, I pre-registered to vote. As someone who’s been a political junkie my whole life, knowing I still had to wait two more years while our country was in the midst of a killer election cycle was tortuous, so I took whatever steps I could to feel like I was speeding the process along. Now I’m 18, and I’m thrilled to finally be able to vote. But having to wait this long really bothered me. During that election cycle, which took place mostly during my sophomore and junior years, I witnessed and took part in a great deal of intelligent and respectful conversations and debates around what was happening to our country. To be honest, I’d say that the conversations I overhe

A Puzzling Phenomenon: What is this “Fortnite” Fascination?

Even if you haven’t played it, you’ve definitely heard of the game Fortnite. The game was released July 25, 2017, but recently gained immense popularity around the world. Over 150 million people have become obsessed with the video game that has been described as a combination of Minecraft and a third person shooter game. The battle-royale mode is what really brought the game into its immense popularity. It allows for 100 people to play in a fight to the death where the last one standing is the winner. It was quickly released as a standalone game in September, making it a global phenomenon. The scope of players that this game has reached ranges from the average kid all the way to cele

What Happened to Cursive Writing?

The Common Core standards in schools do not require students to learn cursive, but as in few other states there is an effort to keep cursive alive. Typing efficiently on a computer has become a better skill to acquire over handwriting and cursive; will a pen and paper become useless? With the technological advancements moving so quickly, it seems like schools cannot keep up. Schools are still teaching 19th century tools while we need 21st century tools. People do not know how to write their own cursive signature anymore. People cannot even read cursive anymore. Will typing become our forever writing style, and does it matter? Whatever the future holds is beyond our control as students, but w

The Pregame Show: One junior’s foray into professional radio

I got the call at Tiverton High School. It was our boys’ basketball playoff game, so I couldn’t really respond at that moment. As soon as I could, though, I quickly called back. “Hey Dan.” “Hey Adam.” From then on, Dan Yorke and I started a long week of planning for the RIIL Championship games. Tiverton had just knocked us out of the playoffs, so I was available to do our entire state tournament. So was Classical head coach John Kavanagh, whose team made it into the state tournament as the very last seed, but would still likely be able to work with us for every game. Now, we had the same team as the year before, but this year, I would have more of a role. As Dan told me the

Charles on Cars: An explosive story of rotary technology

When you think of German cars, you think of the BMW, Mercedes, and Porsche. What you probably don’t think about is Felix Wankel or his rotary engine. Wankle is a German man who never had an engineering degree or a driving license. Yet, he is the man that created the rotary engine, and he designed it as a teenager. He never really made an advancement in the engine, nd didn’t get to marketing it until after World War II. A rotary engine is a combustion engine that works totally differently than an ordinary combustion engine. In a normal combustion engine the suck-in, bomb, and bow out are done with in a cylinder piston. The piston goes down, and the air and fuel come in. It goes up, and

Stress can affect your body as well as your mind

“My life consists of 90 percent stress, and the other 10 percent is boys and sports,” said one LHS junior. “It simply makes me feel like crap.” Why do people stress? In the end, all it does to you is cause headaches, migraines, loss of sleep, heartburn, heavy breathing, heartaches, high blood pressure, stomach aches, depression, and a list that goes far further than one could ever imagine. The real question is, when students stress, what type of crazy stuff is actually impacting the way their bodies act? Stress comes in a variety of forms. Some stress happens due to the result of a single, short-term event, such as having an argument with a loved one or doing badly on a test or

Mac Talks Classics: A return to the classroom

When thinking of Principal Kevin McNamara, many students picture him in the hallways interacting with students and making sure they are where they need to be. They imagine him heading up a committee meeting, talking to parents, or sitting at his desk handling one of the many duties that being a principal entails. With so many jobs to juggle, it is sometimes easy to forget what Mr. McNamara is at his core: an educator. Mrs. Lisa Cardarelli’s period D Honors English 10 was able to experience this side of him first-hand when McNamara made a guest appearance one recent Friday morning. “Mr. Mac sent out an email asking if anyone wanted to team teach with him,” explained Mrs. Cardarelli. “

Mr. Yip's Most Wonderful Year

When you walk into room C206, you are most likely greeted with a sarcastic insult from a man whose head shines when the light hits it just right. You are sure to hear him mocking Mr. Krusz, and you may even hear the two of them arguing with each other while standing in their doorways. You are bound to learn a lot, but you most likely will find yourself being taken on a tangent that is based upon whatever you’re talking about. When the semester or year comes to an end, you will most likely find yourself in a state where you wish you could take another class with this teacher because not only were you able to learn, but you were also able to find a class you enjoyed being in. He is a teacher w

A Washington Scandal Forecast for the Capital: Stormy

What’s the first thing you think of when you hear the name “Stormy Daniels?” If you said “Donald Trump having an affair with a adult-film actress,” then you’re not alone. Rumors have surfaced more recently that suggest that President Donald Trump had an affair with 39 year-old Stormy Daniels (whose real name is Stephanie Clifford), who has been in the adult-film industry for nearly twenty years. About two weeks before the 2016 Presidential Election, the personal attorney of Donald Trump, Michael Cohen, paid Stormy Daniels $130,000 to keep quiet about her relationship with Donald Trump, going completely under the radar, and the public was unaware until January 2018. Stormy Daniels said

The Fight for Net Neutrality Continues

On December 14, 2017, the FCC voted to repeal net neutrality. Protesters around the country had gathered in order to stop the FCC from voting to repeal such a monumental law that provides everyone with equal access to the internet. Net neutrality deemed the internet a free monopoly, preventing companies from being able to charge people for faster internet or asking them to pay in order to use certain site. However, the FCC decided that net neutrality was hindering businesses because of that fact and passed the Restoring Internet Freedoms Act in order to undo the Obama-era regulation. After the act was passed, net neutrality fell into the shadows. However, within the final week of April

What does LEGACY mean to the Class of ‘18?

The Oxford English Dictionary defines the word “legacy” as “something left or handed down by a predecessor.” A family heirloom, a house, etc. And yet most people think of a legacy as something that is intangible. It’s an impact that’s not necessarily seen, but is certainly felt. I’ve recently been contemplating what the class of 2018’s legacy is going to be. And for some reason, the only thing that comes to mind is the fact that we were almost the only class to lose our senior spirit week in twenty-something years. All kidding aside, legacies are something people tend to really focus on, and at times even obsess over. Presidents spend the majority of their terms wondering what exactly

Ellen Reaches the Age of Maturity

Today, Ellen DeGeneres is on top of the world. She is the host of an incredibly successful daytime talk show, she has a home decor line, she hosts a game show, she’s a movie star. She is happily married and living her absolute best life. Ellen is also a well-known activist and supporter of LGBT rights. When her character on the sitcom Ellen came out on national television in 1997, she came out with her, in real-life. First, there was a Time Magazine cover–the words “Yep, I’m Gay” in big, bold letters alongside a picture. Then came the Oprah interview, and just a few hours after that, the groundbreaking episode of the show, known as “The Puppy Episode,” where her character Ellen Morgan

A time for new beginnings

Although it sometimes can feel like it lasts forever, the entirety of a student’s high school career typically boils down to a mere four years. Keeping in mind the time taken off for holidays, vacations, and the glorious pot of gold at the end of the rainbow known as summer, these four years are even less lengthy than they appear. High school is not solely exaggerated in length, either. Often times students tend to overestimate the importance of these four years as well. We tend to blow every lousy grade, social mishap, and romantic misfortune epically out of proportion. We believe that these blunders and setbacks are the end of the world, surely having the potential to haunt us for t

How to respond to an intruder: ALICE, Faculty and Students

“It’s pretty disturbing that we have to take the time out of our day to do this,” said Principal Kevin McNamara to a group of students in the auditorium that were about to be trained in the ALICE protocol, which gives them the tools to protect themselves in the event of an intruder or active shooter situation. “You never know when you’re going to use the strategies taught today to survive,” he continued, adding that “today is a serious training. It’s meant to help save your life. I can’t put it any more bluntly than that.” Administering the training on April 24th were Captain Philip Gould of the Lincoln Police Department, LHS Resource Officer Michael Cavanaugh, and LMS Resource O

Wildgoose teaches us how to live

“It matters not how long we live, but how.” That is a quote engraved on the plaque dedicated to Lawrence Wildgoose at the entrance to the 210s hallway from the gym. While the words were actually said by the poet Philip James Bailey, they were selected to immortalize the man. If hearing that there is plaque dedicated to someone outside of the main gym warrants the response, “Wait, really?” you aren’t alone. Many students and faculty alike seem to have no idea that the plaque even exists, let alone anything about the man who it’s dedicated to. Over time the plaque has become dull and smudged, however, the contrast between the black slate and copper bordering and lettering really

Dr. Filippelli ready to become Superintendent

The Lincoln School Committee has named Dr. Lawrence Filippelli as the new superintendent of schools, following current superintendent Mrs. Georgia Fortunato’s announcement of retirement this January. Filippelli has served as the superintendent of Scituate Public Schools since March 2016, and has worked in that district since 1999, when he taught history and social studies at the middle and high school levels. He has served in various administrative positions in the district, including assistant principal and principal at the middle school and assistant superintendent. Before going to Scituate, he taught at Mount Pleasant in Providence for two years. Over the years, Filippelli ha

My new Amazon Shipping Address: Amazon to Deliver to Autos

We’ve had Amazon deliver packages to our porches, workplaces, and even inside our homes, but now there is a new method of delivery: the trunk of our cars. People in dozens of cities across the United States are starting to receive their orders with a courier unlocking their car with a few taps on a smartphone screen and dropping the package inside the trunk or on the back seat. This new “in-car delivery” is a game changer for many who would be unable to receive their packages in a certain location or be worried about the safety of their package. The new method of delivery, Amazon Key In-Car, is a variation of Amazon Key, which enables in-home delivery. Amazon Key In-Car reli

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