Construction and Education: Can they coexist?

Over the last year, there have been many debates about whether the renovations at Lincoln High School would be a definite decision. The entire process requires a lot of patience and flexibility from the people in our town. Not only does the construction impact students, teachers, and administrators, but it also includes the people in our community. Residents of Lincoln have seen their taxes rise significantly since the construction began. Many students may be distracted in class by all of the chaos going on around them. Taking this into consideration, it has been confirmed that the new and improved Lincoln High School will be completed within the next few years. The question is, will it be w

The Internet is Changing

We all enjoy social media, and creation outlets like YouTube, Twitch, Reddit, and Instagram. Recently on September 14th, a regulation was passed by the European Parliament that looks to change how we use these creation outlets, social media, and the Internet as a whole. If these regulations make it through a majority vote in the EU Parliament Second Reps, the ability to share photo, video, and user-created content online will be limited. Article 13 is a proposed set of regulations made by a German representative, Axel Voss, that passed through a majority vote in the European Parliament, an organised council to set laws and regulations in Europe. This new article is creating controversy for i

Race for the Statehouse

Coming off of a reassuring victory on September 12th, incumbent governor, democrat Gina Raimondo has one more hurdle to jump if she plans on staying in the Statehouse; and it’s the tallest one she has faced yet. Governor Raimondo has had a relatively below average first term. While we have seen improvements, such as a 3% decrease of the unemployment rate during her first term, according to The Department of Labor and Training, she also supports the implementation of highway tolls; which many Rhode Islanders do not favor. According to the US Debt Clock, Mrs. Raimondo is also rapidly increasing the state spending, thus plummeting the state debt past $10.5 Billion as of 2017 according to WPRI.

Field Hockey captures first win in 2 years

On September 10th, the Lions Field Hockey team played a competitive game against their rival, the Cumberland Clippers. The game began with sophomore Lauren Rose dribbling up the field when a corner was called. The ball was then passed between multiple teammates. Then a quick final pass from Jenna Saqib to Lauren where she was able to put it in the goal, making the score 1-0 Lincoln. Now to protect their lead, the struggle was to defend their goal and prevent the Clippers from scoring. Showing determination and defensive skills, the Lions were able to keep the Clippers from scoring and ended the game with the score of 1-0. Lauren, wanting to stress that they scored as a team, commented, “I

Tornado Strikes Lincoln

On Tuesday, October 23, a vicious storm struck Lincoln, Rhode Island and left a few homes destroyed. Here are pictures taken by junior journalism student, Giancarlo Ricci.

Special Effects: Everything is not what it seems

As Halloween is finally coming up, everyone is filled with excitement for this holiday of fear. As each person opens up their Instagram to see what everyone is up to, their feed is filled with pumpkin spice treats, carved pumpkins, haunted house adventures, and spectacular special effects makeup artists. As special effects artists on Instagram become excited about their time to shine, ordinary makeup artists transform their own profiles into a spooky timeline of creativity. This special effect makeup may seem like a whole different world to the average person, but really every special effects artist is just an average person with a unique hobby. Everybody has to start somewhere, and these ar

Day 5 of Spirit Week, Class Colors

The final day of Spirit Week, Class Colors day, featured the true spirit of LHS. Each class dressed in their individual class color, awaiting the results for the winner of Spirit Week.

FDA vs. Juul

The Juul is somewhat notorious in Lincoln High School but this nicotine craze that has plagued this school may well be on its way to the grave. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has taken a stab at stores that sell Juul products by sending them the message that if Juuls keep finding their way into the hands of the youth, things will get ugly. With its growing popularity, vaping has become so popular among teenagers that the FDA has officially declared that it’s reached “an epidemic proportion” and announced that it’s shifting the focus of its anti-tobacco campaign “The Real Cost” from cigarettes to vaping. With the FDA focusing on ending juuling we can expect a change. All varieties of


A National Congressional Resolution passed by the Senate and House of Representatives has officially recognized October 2018 as National Principals Month. This time recognizes the dedicated service and professional commitment of principals. This are the perfect description words of Lincoln High School’s own Mr. Kevin McNamara. He has done the most to make sure each student is as happy as possible with their high school experience while also making sure the school is safe, nurturing and functioning in the most efficient way possible. One will hardly, if ever, come across a student that dislikes our principal. One month of gratitude is the least we can give back for his years of dedication to


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