The way the world celebrates holidays

Whether you are celebrating in America, Brazil, France, or Japan, every nation around the world has their own way of celebrating the holidays. Throughout the winter, it is a common misconception that people around this time are quiet, and sheltered in hibernation. However, the frigid winter months are a time for celebration and merriment, whether it would be for fun or to celebrate tradition. While this may be a time where we should celebrate, all of us could always learn something from this time of year. Throughout the holidays there are several traditions celebrated. With each of these traditions being celebrated, people around the world can learn lessons in history; culture; geography; an

Boys and Girls basketball team trying to improve from last year

As Lincoln High School’s winter sports teams are starting up, the boys and girls basketball teams are preparing themselves for the season as they hope to make it further than they did last season. The boys team finished last season with a first round loss to Tiverton in the RIIL Division III playoffs. The team had a mediocre season as they were quite young, consisting of two seniors, eight juniors, and three sophomores. Coaches Jay Kelley and Kenton Crooks, who had previously resigned in 2017, were reinstated, returning to coaching Lincoln High Schools boys basketball team. Throughout the season, the team was inconsistent, winning here and there, while mixing in a loss ever so often. The tea

IHOP and Chipotle come to Lincoln Mall

The second that new buildings were being modeled for Lincoln Mall off of George Washington Highway, just two minutes away from LHS, all attention was drawn to the spot. Anticipation ran on for months as people speculated what type of business would enter the new location. Searching for a fresh take on Mexican cuisine? On Tuesday, November 13th, Chipotle Mexican Grille opened its doors wide for customers who they hoped would thrive off of the new founding. Can’t find any local, specialty breakfast eateries? Only two doors down, IHOP opened just days before the Thanksgiving holiday, bringing the breakfast option to the table for the first time ever at Lincoln Mall. According to the Valley Bree

The Nation's deadliest wildfire in a Century

It’s been called the nation’s deadliest wildfire in a century. Since it ignited on November 8th, completely consuming Paradise and nearby communities, Northern California’s now contained Camp Fire has destroyed nearly 19,000 buildings, more than the state’s seven worst fires combined. The death toll from the fire is said to be 85 and the number of missing people has dropped to ten from originally being over a thousand. Low humidity and windy conditions caused flames to spread quickly, sweeping through communities and causing mass destruction. Horrific images of entire neighborhoods burned to the ground have been shared along with frames of houses and cars, all that is left of them after b

Vegan vs. Non-Vegan, is there a difference?

Blackstone Place, directly off of Blackstone Boulevard in Providence, RI, houses a variety of palate-pleasing restaurants for whichever style of food you find yourself in the mood for. From pizza, to Indian, to vegan/vegetarian, there are options for everyone's taste buds. Two of the most popular destinations, located side by side in the complex, are the Garden Grille and Wildflour Bakery, both serving vegan and vegetarian delicacies and varying dishes. Garden Grille focuses their menu on the saltier side of things, providing full vegetarian lunch and dinner meals with the option to order vegan if desired. Wildflour Bakery serves unparalleled vegan desserts, smoothies, and coffees to their c

Do it for your Future

Since the first day of freshman year, this idea is built in our minds that you must take part in anything and everything because you want to like a ‘well-rounded’ student on your college application. You must do sports, clubs, student government, etc. because otherwise you will fall behind in the race towards the perfect college application— a race that won’t teach you how to pay taxes, or to build relationships, or to enjoy the little things in life, but it will make you look perfect to colleges. “Good grades aren’t enough though, you must do sports, it looks really good on college application,” is what got to me sign up for outdoor track my sophomore year. Without thinking how difficult tr

High expectations, but slow start for the Celtics

As the NBA has wrapped out the first quarter of a long 82 game season, there has been some major headlines. LeBron and the Lakers are rolling, the Toronto Raptors, with the addition of Kawhi Leonard, have the best record in the NBA, and the Western Conference seems to be unstoppable as of late, as 14 of the 15 teams are contending for eight playoff spots in each conference. However, there has also been some major headlines that will disappoint the city of Boston, as the Boston Celtics, who on paper have one of the best rosters in the NBA, have struggled. Starting with a 13-10 record throughout the first 23 games does not seem bad. It seems like a solid record that will make the playoffs, an

What have you done this year?

THIS STORY WAS ERRONEOUSLY CREDITED TO ANOTHER REPORTER IN OUR PRINT ISSUE. IT WAS WRITTEN BY LAUREN GARDNER. As the ball drops in New York City on December 31 people cheer and hope that the new year will bring new and exciting things. When the clocks strike 12, New Year’s resolutions spread through the air, and revelers make a pledge to accomplish them. Most of the time the goals last for about a month or two if one is motivated. Sometimes the resolution is forgotten in a week. By the time spring hits, people tend to forget and push their resolutions to the side as stress and life interfere. Even with everyone giving up, however, there are still a couple handful of people who stay on trac

AD Mr. O'Connor inducted into Cumberland HS Hall of Fame

On Thursday, November 23, Lincoln High School Athletic Director Mr. Gregory O’Connor was inducted into the Cumberland High School Hall of Fame for his efforts as a part of the boys basketball program. Throughout his three year career, O’Connor was able to score 1,183 points, ranking seventh in all-time scoring for the Clippers. He also was a three year starter and team captain his senior year, named All-Division One three consecutive years, averaged 18 points per game, set a school record for most three pointers at the time (which has since been broken), and named to Top 48 RIBCA All-Star Game Junior & Senior Season. O’Connor competed in division one basketball.. What made them succeed was t

How do Swimmers continue when their instincts say stop?

It’s the beginning of the season and as this year’s swimmers dip into the pool, excitement sets in- but also stress.While swimming may look like a very easy and graceful sport to onlookers, being in the pool is very different. While it is beautiful and elegant to watchl, it is also intense and very technical. Every swimmer knows it is very important to push themselves, even when you feel like you can’t keep going anymore. However, since swim is a very repetitive sport, swimmers often find that focusing on the soreness of your muscles and rapid breathing will make you burn out faster. Each swimmer has a different way of keeping their mind busy, and it’s very interesting the different ways man

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