With Absences Adding Up, How Will Your Grades Be Affected?

Many students don’t believe much will change if they miss a day or two of school a month. But most are unaware of the major affect the absences adding up will have on their grades. Chronic absences lead to less instruction time, which puts a student behind on their work and can cause grades to quickly drop. Some states define chronic absenteeism as a student missing over 10% of the school year, and others consider missing 15 days or 18 days of school as being chronically absent. Chronic absenteeism includes excused absences such as sickness, as well as unexcused absences and disciplinary reasons for being out of school. In the United States, more than 15% of all students are chronically ab

Vision of a perfect school

There’s been a lot of talk about the “dream high school” lately. Basically, there’s this idea that the way high school runs as of right now (meaning the way the school day runs, how our periods work, how our grades work, etc.) is the old way, and high schools need to be completely transformed and updated according to today’s world. Thus, high school students are being asked what aspects or things that could be added, changed, or removed from their current high school experience. Well, I’ve got a few ideas, and I don’t think I’m the only one who thinks this way. Before you continue reading though, think of a few things yourself that you would like to see changed about high school, whether bas

The Science of Luck

Why does one think they’re lucky? What really is luck? Is luck real? To be blunt, luck, in itself, is nothing other than illusory. According to Alexandra Ossola, a writer for Popular Science, “What people perceive as luck has more to do with psychology than probability.” What Ossola means by this is luck in something that is fantastical, it has no tangency. However; as luck is something unrealistic, it is something that one could believe in. When one believes in luck, they feel an excessive amount of hubris. Researchers, according to the CBC, have been testing the effectiveness of superstition for years. For example; in 2010, one of the studies performed involved people testing their golf sk

MLB is back, play ball

The Boston Red Sox took the field last night for their first regular season game against the Seattle Mariners.The Red Sox roster is identical to last seasons. A player to watch will be Rafael Devers who is projected to have a potential breakout season. Mariners roster has all but one player from last season, right-fielder Ichiro Suzuki. Suzuki retired and played in his last game in the Tokyo Dome, March 11, 2019. This battle saw the Mariners beating the Red Sox, with a score of 4-12 in the first of a four game series. Red Sox pitcher Chris Sale opened up his first game retiring 4 batters and allowing 7 runs in 3 innings of pitching. Mariners pitcher Marco Gonzales shut down 4 Red Sox batter

Is Caffeine Safe for Student Use?

Each morning, many Lincoln High School students can be seen walking into school, coffee cup in hand. With this many students drinking coffee, one must wonder if caffeine is truly safe for student use. Caffeine from soft drinks, which are popular among children and teens, has increased within the last decade to seventy percent and in North America between 80 and 90 percent of adults and children consume caffeine regularly. Caffeine has proven to be the most widely used drug in the world and among students. This drug can be found in coffee, tea, energy drinks, and even chocolate. Most students use caffeine for recreation or to help with school and their studies. A student survey conducted i

Class Rank Should be Abolished

Abolish Class Rank A Top Ten’s Perspective There is no escaping it. Class rank is a concept that is ingrained into the mind of every student in Lincoln High School. Even if students don’t spend their time worrying about class rank, they cannot avoid that final report card which bears their rank compared to their peers’. While to some it may seem benign, even a good way to judge how well you are doing, there is something very wrong with class rank. Before continuing, I would like to establish the fact that I myself am a top ten student-- ranked ninth in the class of 2020. I do not bring this up to brag, rather to establish the fact that even as a person who reaps honors from the class rank s

PJ's Predictions: Round of 32, South & Midwest Regions

The second round, the South and Midwest Regions, promises excitement and upsets. Virginia had some deja vu in the first round, remembering what had happened the last year and changing the outcome. The excitement will continue as fans will be filled with the suspense of the games of the round of thirty-two. Starting with the first matchup is Kentucky and Wofford. Wofford is not a favorite but they are very talented and, much like Virginia Tech, can shoot. PJ Washington’s injury will play a major role in this game, he will not play. This is a huge loss and gives Wofford a chance to pull off an upset, but Kentucky seems to be too talented for Wofford and, even without PJ, Kentucky should make

PJ's Predictions: Round of 32, East & West Regions

After a dramatic first round in the East and West Regions, the second round is starting. The tournament went from sixty-eight teams to thirty-two. The second round should be even more chaotic with many factors that will affect the outcome of games. These include injuries, inexperience, and raw talent. But as the games kick off fans will get one step closer to watching the national championship. The first game in the East and West Regions will be Maryland and LSU. These are teams that many people thought could lose in the first round but pulled off the win. LSU, still without Coach Wade, might struggle in this game but they are very talented. Maryland is a team that is very underrated but has

PJ's Predictions: Round of 64, Midwest Region

The last region of the first round is the Midwest Region. This region is going to be the most competitive from game to game. Most of these matchups will be very close down the stretch. The first game in this region is Auburn and New Mexico State. New Mexico State is a sleeper in the tournament, but they will have to face Auburn in the first round. Auburn has not been the most successful team all year, but they finished the season strong. This year they beat Tennessee twice and won the SEC tournament so they will pull off the win and go to the second round. The following game will be Kansas versus Northwestern. Not only is Kansas the more talented team, but they are more organized. However, t

PJ's Predictions: Round of 64, South Region

In the south region, the first round will be very exciting to watch. There will be many teams that could be upset and most likely will. The irony of this region is the number one seeded Virginia lost to a sixteen seed last year as a one seed. The first round in the south is predicted to be pure madness. Villanova, the reigning national champs, are facing St. Mary’s. This should be a very close game, considering that Villanova is talented and experienced but has lost a few players from last year. Also, St. Mary’s has proven to beat talent as they went out and stole the west coast conference from the number one seeded Gonzaga. Although this will be a close game, the big factor that will give V

PJ's Predictions: Round of 64, West Region

In the Western region, there will be eight games in the first round. Many fans believe Gonzaga will come out of the region but it is very possible there could be an upset. Starting with the first game, the four seeded Florida State will go head to head against the thirteen seeded Vermont. This should be a win for Florida State, they have size, can shoot, and play great defense. This is not one of the games people would expect an upset, but they do say anything can happen in March Madness. The next upcoming game will be Murray State facing up against Marquette. This will be one of the closest games in the first round. Murray State has been good this year, but their success has been credited t

PJ's Predictions: Round of 64, East Region

After Wednesday’s last two games of the First Four, the first round is starting. Beginning with sixty-four teams, college basketball fans get ready to watch all of the exciting matchups. There will be thirty-two games in the round after the First Four. Many people have made brackets, with a big upset in the first round, a lot of people could lose right away, which would be very upsetting. Or they will see the team they picked come out and play great getting ready for the second round. In the East region, the first game will be the seventh seed Louisville facing the tenth seed Minnesota. Louisville is a team who has proved to be great at times but are not consistent. They have beaten teams li

Farewell Gronk

Rob Gronkowski, the iconic New-England Patriot tight-end from Arizona, has been an asset to the Patriots ever since he was selected by the New England Patriots in Round 2 of the 2010 draft as a junior in college, being Pick Number 42. But on March 24th, the star Patriot announced his retirement from the game. He took to his Instagram account to announce the news, writing “I will be retiring from the game of football today. I am so grateful for the opportunity that Mr. Kraft and Coach Belichick gave to me when drafting my silliness in 2010. My life experiences over the last 9 years have been amazing both on and off the field...But now it's time to move forward and move forward with a big smil

From Nothing to Something

For the past decade, the Cleveland Browns were considered to be the laughingstock of the NFL. From 2016 - 2017 the Cleveland Browns held a total record of 1 - 31, posting a winless season in 2017. Coming off the winless season, expectations for the 2018 Cleveland Browns were very low. Although the season was to show little promise, the 2018 NFL Draft showed a sign of hope. With the first pick of the draft, the Browns made headlines drafting former heisman winning quarterback Baker Mayfield. With Mayfield drafted first, many people had things to say. A lot of people drew comparisons to 2014 Browns draft bust Johnny Manziel. These comparisons were not for the better, people talked about his sh

PJ's Predictions: First Four Games

The 2019 season has just begun for college basketball, the start of March Madness, beginning with the first four and the round of sixty-four. This season has been full of excitement going into the tournament, with many young prospects demonstrating their talent. It all comes down to the sudden death tournament, and if you lose one game you are out. For some teams, this is a great opportunity to restart, but they will have to face the top teams in the country to win it all. Lots of fans are filled with excitement and suspense waiting for it to all go down. Starting with the eight teams battling in the round of the First Four, who barely made the tournament. These teams are NC Central, North D

P.J.'s Prediction

With sixty-eight teams total in the March Madness Tournament, the one team who will survive is Duke University. The Blue Devils are so talented that many people compare them to the Fab Five of Michigan, but Jalen Rose continues to back up his team saying that they were better, and would not start any Duke player over his teammates. Duke started out the season as the number four ranked team. They shocked a lot of people with a blowout win in their first game over Kentucky in early November, the number two ranked team in division one. They continued to win four more games in a row, but that streak ended with a two-point loss to Gonzaga, who is currently a number one seed. After this game, they

What the Christchurch Mosque Shooting Has Shown Us

“I’m 66 and I never thought in my life I would live to see something like this. Not in New Zealand,” said eyewitness and first responder Jill Keats, via an interview by the BBC. On March 14, one year after the American March For Our Lives to regulate guns, a terrorist opened fire on the Al Noor Mosque and the Linwood Mosque in Christchurch, New Zealand. According to Christchurch police commissioner Mike Bush, 49 people were killed in the shootings. “This is and will be one of New Zealand’s darkest days,” New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern stated in a press conference. “It is clear that this can now only be described as a terrorist attack.” Christchurch mayor Lianne Dalziel responded b

Lincoln's newest inspiration: Cheryl Hatch

Lincoln High School’s Journalism Academy for many years has provided students with a learning experience much like journalism in the real world. Students are expected to put together a school paper each month and keep the Lincoln High School news site updated. Other students, in Broadcast, learn what it’s like to make videos pertaining to news, again in a work-like environment. Additionally, students are given special opportunities to speak with journalists who make/ made a living out of their work. Most recently, journalism students were given an opportunity to meet Cheryl Hatch. Cheryl Hatch is a journalist and documentary photographer who has made a name for herself in the journalism worl

Underclassmen, join the LHS Prom Committee!

Lincoln High School offers a plethora of clubs to join which gives you the opportunity to get involved. One of the several clubs that LHS offers is Prom Committee. Prom committee is a club that you can join your sophomore and junior year. It is a perfect way to get involved and help out your class and advisors. What prom committee offers is the opportunity for you to choose the possible destination for your junior and senior proms, you get to tour the venues, and you are able to choose the decorations such as centerpieces for your tables and party favors. Prom committee is also in charge of choosing the style of dinner they want served, what kind of food the want for dinner, what they want f

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