The Lasting Effects of Earth Day

Each year on Earth day, April 22, marks the anniversary of the birth of the modern environmental movement in 1970. War was raging in Vietnam and students all over the nation overwhelmingly opposed it. At the time, Americans were using leaded gas, and industries let smoke and sludge out into the atmosphere, with little to no fear of legal consequences or bad press. Air pollution was commonly accepted as the smell of “prosperity.” The word “environment” was only heard in spelling bees instead of on the daily news. The stage had been set for changes to be made by the publication of Rachel Carson’s New York Times bestseller Silent Spring in 1962, although mainstream America was basically oblivio

How Fundraising Benefits Your Class

Each year, your class executive board and advisors discuss fundraisers they believe would peak the interest of their class. The goal of fundraisers is to raise money for your class for the current year, upcoming years, and for your class’ graduation. It is helpful to participate in the fundraiser because the more people who participate, the more money that is raised. Throughout the years there have been several different types of fundraisers that classes have made available to their classmates. There have been Yankee Candle fundraisers, cookie dough, beach towels, wrapping paper, and a plethora of others. These fundraisers are out out in hopes of getting participants to buy the products avai

Why do LHS students make a big deal about dance proposals?

Dance season is upon us and it seems like everyday someone is standing in the LHS hallway with an elaborate sign or is posting on Instagram with their date to either Freshmen Frolic, Sophomore Hop, or Junior and Senior Prom. Most students tend to ask upperclassmen except for seniors, of course, who go with people from their own class or choose to take an underclassman. Posters are filled with puns, rhymes, or heartwarming sayings that are sometimes accompanied by a small gift on the side. Although students are technically asking their date, most have already talked to the person who agreed to go. This offers the question, why do they still make a big deal about asking with a poster? Is it tr

PJ's Predictions: National Championship

This year’s March Madness tournament has been wild so far. Many did not expect it to end like it is, with only one number one seed, and the one no one expected it to be. The tournament so far has been filled with excitement with upsets and close games, but there have also been blowouts. All sixty four teams in the tournament fighted all year just to play in one game, the National Championship. It all comes down to two teams in one game. The first team competing in the National Championship is the number one seeded Virginia. It is their first National Championship appearance. Many did not believe they would make it to this point due to last years meltdown to UMBC, a sixteen seed. However, Vir

Red Sox Slow Start

The 2019 season of Major League Baseball is well under way, with every team having played over ten games. The Boston Red Sox were the 2018 World Series Champions and were expected to reenter this season strong. Judging by their 3 wins 9 loss record, this doesn’t seem to be the case. The Red Sox have been struggling this season, with their starting pitchers having a 0-8 record and an 8.78 ERA, currently the worst in the league. The bats of the Sox have been relativley silent as well, with the highest run gap after a win being only 3 runs. Leading the batting stats is left-fielder J.D. Martinez, who currently bats at a .326 average. Dustin Pedroia will be making a long awaited return to the di

PJ's Predictions: Final Four, East & West

The weekend of the Elite Eight for the East and West Regions, have been wild, from tough upsets to teams showing how great they are. However, teams are just grateful to have the opportunity to be in the Final Four and have a chance to be National Champions. Both teams from the East and West Regions, exceeded expectations and will be competing in the Final Four. Texas Tech struggled in the regular season, but have proven to be a top team in the tournament. They blew out Northern Kentucky in the first round with ease to move on to the second round. In the second round, they faced the six seeded Buffalo. In the first half, Buffalo played decently, but for a long period of time in the second hal

PJ's Predictions: Final Four, South & Midwest Region

After an erratic Elite Eight, the two teams, from the South and Midwest Regions, will matchup in the Final Four. They have both fought hard in the regular season and are excited to have a chance in the Final Four to make the National Championship. Virginia, although troubled early in the tournament, got the job done. Facing Gardner-Webb in the first round, they struggled, remembering the previous year losing to the sixteen seed. The following game in the second round was against Oklahoma, they played better but still struggled in the first half. However, they managed to reach the Sweet Sixteen and played Oregon without Bol Bol. They won a very close game and reached the Elite Eight where the

Monitoring Student Searches on School Computers

Every year around the country about 50 million students start the new school year in grades K-12, in order to further enhance their minds. In our world’s digital age, students will be exposed to computers where they will be expected to perform a large quantity of their schoolwork. For every word that is typed on one of these computers, there could be an administrator watching what’s being typed. When there are students in possession of their own computers, or computers provided to students inside the campus, there is a budget for these electronics provided by the federal government. Under the Child’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA), any school in the United States that receives funding for el

Ways to Stimulate the Brain

Jigsaw puzzles, reading, and crosswords are some of the ways to keep the brain active and healthy. Some of the more unique ways to stimulate the brain are doing things upside down, eating with chopsticks, and doing chores with your eyes closed. Mental speed, memory, and strategic thinking are benefits of completing these classic brain games. Kids, adults, and the elderly all benefit from these types of activities. Problem solving skills are also improved. For example, with jigsaw puzzles, figuring out how to go about a puzzle and grouping pieces by colors and shapes. Puzzles provide trial and error and test our hypothesis about where the puzzle piece goes. The brain can get stronger and gain

PJ's Predictions: Elite Eight

The Sweet Sixteen was a boring and exciting round, with blowouts and thrillers. An example of this is Gonzaga blowing out Florida State and Tennessee losing in overtime to Purdue. Fans all around the world do not know what to expect heading into the Elite Eight. However, these four matchups could be hectic, exciting, or boring with a blowout. The first matchup will be Gonzaga and Texas Tech. These two teams both played amazing in the Sweet Sixteen, blowing out their competition. Gonzaga, one of the top offenses in the country, will be competing against Texas Tech, one of the top defenses in the country. This should be a great matchup, a one seed versus a very underrated Texas Tech team. Texa

PJ's Predictions: Sweet Sixteen, South and Midwest Regions

Over in the South and Midwest Regions, four games will be played in the Sweet Sixteen. This side of the bracket had two upsets, Oregon and Auburn being the victors. This side of the bracket has been the most exciting so far, and likely for the rest of the tournament too. With these matchups, there are some teams that could be upset. The first matchup of the South Region will be a very competitive game. Tennessee and Purdue are both teams who have struggled this year but are very talented. Tennessee has a more talented team, they have great players in all five positions. They also have the best player, Grant Williams, and the best coach, Rick Barnes. Purdue is also very talented,running a uni

PJ's Predictions: Sweet 16, East and West Regions

After a little break from March Madness, the Sweet Sixteen begins on Thursday, March 28th. In the East and West Regions, there are no teams remaining with a seed lower than four. The College Basketball Selection Committee did a good job with their selection in this region because of the outcome of these teams. The East and West Region teams have been playing up to expectations, but there is still a long road to the final four. The first matchup in the West Region is between the Gonzaga Bulldogs and Florida State Seminoles. Gonzaga has not had a challenge yet in the tournament, blowing out all of their competition. However, they are about to face one of the top teams in the country, Florida S

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