Should You Get an Internship?

The process of which an internship has evolved into today had first come from medieval apprenticeship, where the skilled laborer; usually a craftsmen, would teach a young person a complete crash-course of their trade. There is an agreement; however, that takes place between the craftsmen and the apprentice. The agreement, typically, is that as the craftsmen would teach his apprentice, and the apprentice would work for the craftsmen for a specific amount of time. Today, an intern can work part time or full time at a company for a specific amount of time. Interns can work anywhere between one session to a few months. Students who wish to explore a future career possibility further should take

How Graduates Look Back on LHS

As there are fewer and fewer days left for us seniors here at LHS, it’s time for us to get more oriented towards college life. Right now, almost every senior is at the point of “I hate this place” and “I can’t wait to leave.” When in reality, we’re going to look back and miss this school in a couple of months when we realize we aren’t looking for Skyward for our classes, but instead packing up our rooms as we move into our dorms next fall. LHS Class of 2017 graduates Hannah Lyle and Jess Brierly share how Brierly “appreciates LHS more now that I am out. While I was in high school I took it for granted. College is a lot harder and you don’t have as great of a support system as you do at LHS.

Super Smash Bros for St. Judes

When the obnoxious bell had rung its final ring by 1:49 in the afternoon, students piled back into another classroom; not to learn, but to play video games. Lincoln High School students in different areas of the school, involved with several contrasting activities, filled into room 213, and were ready to raise money for cancer studies in children. The admission cost to enter the event was eight dollars. Payment into the event allows you to participate in the Super Smash Bros tournament, or watch and support the tournament, while also donating to an imperative cause. While attending the event, concessions were offered, and a losers’ bracket was being played at the same time as the main bracke

Do Music and Personalities Correlate?

Music has infiltrated our culture. It is heard everywhere we go: in stores, on the streets, in the car, and always at our fingertips. Essentially, music is simply sound waves, or notes, that are strung together to form something that is pleasant to the ears of [if an artist is lucky] millions of listeners. Pop, country, rap, hip-hop, alternative, classic, dance, rock and roll, and more get stuck on rotation inside our brains without intention. No matter what genre you prefer, there is a song that resonates with almost every single person out there. Songs create lasting connections, bring forth memories, and extract emotions out of our core from their lyrics and sound. Personality is to clima

Mr. McNamara Wins Principal of the Year

“You guys are my pride and joy. Every day, the best part of my day, no matter what issue is happening, is spending time with the students,” stated an elated Mr. McNamara in front of his colleagues and students. On Wednesday, April 24th, Mr. McNamara was officially awarded the Rhode Island Principal of the Year award in front of his colleagues and cheering LHS seniors and juniors. Mr. Mac is the first LHS principal to ever receive the award. Wednesday morning proved to be an interesting one, as the festivities—which would involve everyone in the building—started early and ran through a good chunk of the day. At around 9:15, Mr. Cobb officially announced to the students once Mr. Mac left the b

Michael Monteleone Day

Fourteen years ago, Lincoln High School was hit with a true tragedy. Michael Monteleone, a 14-year-old baseball player, collapsed suddenly on the field. He was quickly rushed to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead. Monteleone was beloved by his friends and by the Lincoln community, and his death shook the Lincoln community to its core. Exactly fourteen years to the day later, May 9, 2019, Monteleone has received the ultimate honor for a baseball player- having his number retired. According to the Valley Breeze, Michael had posthumously been diagnosed with a disorder of the heart’s muscular wall, and on that day fourteen years ago, the disorder resulted in the worst tragedy imaginable. F

Why Do High School Students Fail At Dating?

High school is supposed to be the pinnacle of most of our social lives. It’s a time when people start to mold into what they are. People start to find their friend groups, their true interests, and some even get into relationships throughout their four years (probably the most overhyped part of high school according to all the cheesy movies we all see). However, us high schoolers fail time and time again at the whole dating thing. High school sweethearts marry only rarely as they only account for about two percent of all marriages. So, why are high schoolers bad at dating? In an open questionnaire that about 40 students from LHS, other high schoolers, and some college students had answered,

Kirstin Drainville

“If I could do it all over, I would have went out of my comfort zone more and tried to join more clubs and done more sports. I would've tried to talk to more people and make more friends. I probably would've gotten more involved in spirit week and went to more school dances/school events. I would've tried harder in class or taken more ap/honors classes. I also would've tried to attend more sporting events to support my schools and friends”

National Women's History Month

This March marks the 31st anniversary of a law labeling Women’s History Month in the United States. This annual observance shines a light on women’s achievements through parades, lectures, health screenings, art exhibits, and other activities that highlight women and their contributions to society. National Women’s History Month evolved from International Women’s Day to Women’s History Week. The first International Women’s Day was celebrated on March 8, 1911. This day was dedicated to honoring women’s achievements worldwide. The United Nations has also sponsored International Women’s Day observances since 1975. The idea of Women’s History Week came to be when a school district in Sonoma, Cal

Joel Mitri

"If I could do it all over it would not be everything, just a few. High School was a learning experience and without certain things that happened I would not be the person I am today. I truly believe that everything happens for a reason. Something I would help my freshman self out with is who my friends were. It is important to not always let your guard down, and to make sure you are friends with the right people. Friends come and go, and they will grow with or without you and that is okay. I also wish I had taken part in a sport during my four years at LHS. The friendships within the teammates is amazing and I wish I could have got the chance to have something like that with teammates. One

Emma Gianetti

“Looking back, I would like to have better time management. I mean, I’m sure all of us can say this, but me personally, that was a major struggle. Along with this, I would've liked myself to have been more open minded. For a long time, I struggled to even be ok with the word college because I didn't think that there were any other options for me in life. When I finally stopped and talked it all out, I found that there was so much more out there for me than I could’ve imagined and now I cannot wait for college. I never thought I would be this excited to start a whole new life in the direction that makes me happy. Sometimes I think that High School limits your options because there's only so m

Declan Quinn

“I would not let senior-itis affect me. I would approach school the way I approach basketball. I would get better grades and take the time with school work the way I do with basketball.”

Checka Plante

“If I could do it all over again, I would have become closer with the upperclassmen friends I have sooner than I did and I would have made more friends sooner. I also wish I played more sports and got involved in more school activities and clubs sooner. Even taking harder classes would have been more beneficial for me to challenge myself. I wish I tried a different sport, including basketball or soccer. Sports are a great way to make different friends. I even wish I attended more games because I am going to miss the high school games and events at LHS.”

Celebrating Thomas Jefferson's 276th Birthday

Thomas Jefferson was born on April 13, 1743, meaning this month he celebrates his 276th birthday. Jefferson was a Founding Father of the United States and the country’s third president. Before he was the president, Jefferson served as the second vice president under John Adams from 1791 to 1801. He is responsible for many achievements in the history of the United States, such as the purchase of the Louisiana Territory and writing the Declaration of Independence. With the American Revolutionary War underway in 1775, he was selected as a delegate to the Second Continental Congress, and at age 33, he was asked to draft the Declaration of Independence. The Declaration was adopted on July 4, 177

Physical Activity Saves Lives

Although it may not seem like it, it is true that physical activity saves lives and is at the core of good health and well being in every corner of the world. Research shows that regular physical activity can help reduce your risk for several diseases and health conditions and improve your overall quality of life. According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly one in two adults live with a chronic disease. Only half of adults get the physical activity that they need to either reduce or prevent chronic diseases. A chronic disease is a health condition that is persistent or long-lasting in its effects or simply is a disease that comes with time. Over time, if one’s body does

How to Survive AP Exams

As the end of the year approaches, students are excited for summer vacation and warm weather. Freedom is just out of grasp, and most students just want to fast forward to finals and escape. However, for AP students, there’s still loads of work to worry about. AP Exams are always a source of stress for students. With so many resources at our fingertips these days, many have trouble deciding the best method of studying and additionally the best way to calm down enough to focus. Fortunately, scholars that have already taken AP exams before are here to help all the newcomers, and reflect on what they’ll do differently this year. Emily Ariza, a sophomore currently enrolled in AP World History, is

Former LHS Alum, Nick Zammarelli III

Nick Zammarelli will be a name that the town of Lincoln will never forget. In the class of 2013, Division 1 school Elon University took the talents of Zammarelli and expanded them for an even greater opportunity: playing in Major League Baseball. The first baseman had an advantage playing in Elon, has Zammarelli did not have to worry so much on how he performed in the field. When playing first base, the goal is to catch the ball thrown from your teammate with your glove with one foot on the bag. The priority is straight forward, and with that being said, Zammarelli had more time to focus on hitting the baseball. This clearly showed on the stat sheet, as from his first year (2014) to his thir

PJ's Predictions: West- Second Round

The First Round of the playoffs in the Western Conference was very different than it has been for around the past five years. Many teams proved to be better than they seemed and some teams proved to be worse. Regardless, these four teams made it out of the First Round, the Warriors, Rockets, Nuggets, and Trail Blazers. They have all played hard to make it to this point but now they will compete against each other to have a chance at the Conference Finals and possibly the NBA Finals. The first matchup of the second round in the Western Conference is the Golden State Warriors versus the Houston Rockets. This matchup seems to be the best second-round matchup in the NBA, a rematch of last year’s

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