Iowa Caucus Results

In a surprising turn of events, the Iowa Caucus finished one day late and had a completely unprecedented outcome. Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg, upset the projected front-runner, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. The predicted runner-up, Joe Biden, surprised all when he came in fourth place under Massachusetts' Elizabeth Warren. Overall, the results of this year’s Iowa Caucus were strange to say the least, and left many voters wondering what happened. Regardless of the outcome, the biggest highlight of the night was the controversial delay of the results. The Iowa Democratic party adopted the use of a new app that was to record the voting numbers from each district. With four years of developme

How to NOT Get Sick

The winter season brings lots of joy from holidays to snowfall to family gathering. However, along with that comes the dreadful cold and flu season. Two sicknesses that can be easily caught through the months of November to March. As early as October, the flu shot, which is an influenza vaccine altered regularly to aconomate to the rapidly changing infectious disease, is given out freely to towns across the nation at ones local school. The World Health Organization states that about 10% of the United States gets the flu every year. And, an average of 36,000 Americans die each year due to this sickness. Getting the flu shot each year may decrease the chances of catching this unwanted illness.

A Guide to Thrift Shopping

Thrifting clothes is rising in popularity as a way to get cheap, unique clothes in a way that does not contribute to textile waste. Here are some tips to make the most of your thrifting trip. 1. Shop small and local. It may be tempting to go to your local Savers or Goodwill, but the gems are at small businesses. My favorite spots near Lincoln are the Thrifty Goose in Providence, Top Shelf Vintage in Pawtucket, and the Rhode Island Antique Mall in Pawtucket. If you’re looking for that unique statement piece to make your wardrobe pop, shop local. 2. Make the trip to Savers worth it. While you can find great pieces at local stores, Savers and Goodwill offer a large variety of pieces if you’re l

Iowa Caucus

Set to begin next Tuesday, February 4th, the first of the primary elections is the Iowa Caucus. The differing factor between this caucus and the one in 2016, is that only Democrat candidates will be on the ballots. It should also be mentioned that there will be more candidates for the Democrat ballot this time around than in 2016, with presidential hopefuls like Joe Biden of Delaware and Bernie Sanders of Vermont leading the pack. As of the moment, Bernie Sanders is leading in a 4-2 majority of all the major polls for the state, which is bad news if you are a more moderate Democrat. Bernie Sanders tends to propose more radical Democrat ideals, such as free college and healthcare which can be

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