COVID-19 Update: Over 400 cases, Outside travel restricted, Distance Learning Extended through May

The United States currently has the highest number of COVID-19 cases in the world. In response, state and federal leaders are now taking even more serious measures in order to reduce the spread of the potentially fatal infection. Governor Gina Raimondo caused a stir over the weekend regarding her executive order to force out of state drivers from New York to self quarantine for 14 days. Governor Cuomo of New York publicly denounced the policy, questioning its legality. In response, Raimondo expanded the executive order to every state. Commercial vehicles will be exempted from the new order. Gina Raimondo also officially announced a stay-at-home order. This escalation was caused because of t

What to Watch During Social Distancing?

Social distancing has left a lot of time for people to read, watch movies, and work on any indoor hobbies. With the Rhode Island extension of remote learning to the end of April, there are some movies and books that people might just want to check out during this long haul. The Way, Way Back is just one of the many movies you should see. Sometimes all you need is a heartfelt movie and The Way, Way Back might just be the movie that you are looking for. The 2013 film is not known to many people, but the storyline told is one to see. The story starts off with a young boy named Duncan, played by Liam James, goes with his mom and her boyfriend to a beach house for the summer. Duncan’s mom’s boyf

Netflix Suggestions During Quarantine

As we are living in a time that is going to be in the textbooks one day, we are at an all time low of boredom. Although one cannot physically die from boredom, it sure does feel like it. To suffice your boredom needs, here lies a generated list of shows and movies I personally suggest to watch on Netflix. I consider myself a ¨Netflix Enthusiastic¨ so if I were you, I would take my suggestions very seriously. So please grab a snack and lay down at your own leisure. Enjoy, and know that we, as a society, will get through these times of absolute boredom. All American - Although this show is only two seasons it is absolute fire. If you enjoy sports and what goes on in teenagers lives, I can see

10 Things To Do During Quarantine

Right now we are going through life like we have never before. Staying home for long periods of time, not being able to see your friends, not going to school (what!!??), it is all new. Many people are at home finding themselves lost and not knowing what to do with all this free time. Here is a small list of simple stuff you can try in the realm of your home. Try new recipes/ online cook books Start to exercise/ go for a jog/ go outside!! Read more Spend time with your family/ have a family game night Deep clean parts of your house Go through your closet and give away clothes that do not fit/ do not wear Call a friend and see how they are doing Try DIY (do it yourself) projects/ crafts with l

Serious Social Distancing

Ever since March 13, there has been a lot of talk about social distancing. But is anyone really taking it seriously? We have high school seniors who want to make their last year of high school the best. We have those college students down in Florida on the beach trying to enjoy their spring break. In reality, that is doing more harm than good. Although it takes time for results to generate, social distancing does work. Right now, social distancing is slowing down the transmission of the coronavirus. This will allow health care systems to have some time to ramp up the capacity to respond to the pandemic. Right now, the United States is still comparatively in the early stages of this pandemic,

Ramadan and the Coronavirus

The month of April brings spring showers, warmer weather, and a break from school. Students look forward to the end of the year, juniors scramble to prep to redo SATs, and AP students prepare for their exams. However, for the religion of Islam, the month of April is much more. Ramadan is a religious holiday recognized throughout April in which Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset everyday. While for others, this may seem like a negative experience, Muslims celebrate Ramadan. Additionally, this may seem like a drastic change to one’s life, but many of our fellow students at LHS celebrate Ramadan throughout the month of April with little notice from their peers. Firstly, why do Muslims partake

How Lincoln Public Schools Aid Students in the Virtual Learning Process

The unforeseen news that we got on Friday the 13th hit us all differently. For a lot of students, they saw the two weeks’ vacation. But for others, it was the worst news. Lots of families in Lincoln are fortunate to have warm houses, food, and the internet. But for some students, school was a safe place whether they liked it or not. It was the one place they could find comforting surroundings a warm meal. Luckily, the town of Lincoln and the community surrounding us have worked hard to make sure that those necessities are still available. For those students who do not have access to a computer of any sort, Lincoln Public Schools loaned out the school chromebooks. Anyone who needed one, was

AP Exams Undergoing Drastic Change

On March 20, 2020, the College Board’s “AP Central” posted on their website the announcement of significant changes being made to the administration of AP exams for the 2019-2020 school year. These changes are being brought upon due to the unprecedented challenges presented to high schools - as well as all schools in general across the world - by the novel coronavirus, which has been declared a National Emergency. One of the two services that the AP program is providing is the teaching, by free live streams on YouTube, of all AP courses; each day there will be a specific time when your AP class is being taught a lesson wherein you can join the live stream and learn or review that lesson. Ano

Congress Reaches Agreement on Stimulus Plan; Trump Wants Business to Reopen by Easter

Early on Wednesday, March Twenty-Fifth, the Senate and President Trump reached an agreement on a stimulus plan of about 2 trillion dollars. The legislation is expected to be enacted within the coming days; if so, it will become the largest stimulus package in United States history. The money from this plan would go to providing financial relief for individuals and direct payments to states and businesses. During her press conference, Governor Gina Raimondo said that she was very happy about the deal, which plans on allocating about 1.25 billion dollars for the state of Rhode Island. Raimondo also reports 8 new confirmed cases in Rhode Island, bringing the total number of people infected with

What Weinstein's Guilty Verdict Has Taught Us

October 15, 2017. Actress Alyssa Milano tweeted “If you’ve been sexually harassed or assaulted write ‘me too’ as a reply to this tweet.” and simultaneously set into motion one of the biggest women rights movements in history. On February 24, 2020, declarations of #METOO were answered as Hollywood mogul, Harvey Weinstein, was found guilty of third-degree rape but acquitted on the two most serious charges. Weinstein, 67, was found guilty of the third-degree rape of a former aspiring actress, Jessica Mann, as well as a count of a criminal sexual act in the first degree of former "Project Runway" production assistant, Mimi Haley. The jury found him not guilty of two counts of predatory sexual as

Governor Raimondo 3/24 Press Conference Summary

During her press conference on Tuesday, March 24, Governor Gina Raimondo addressed the postponed primary, results from the first day of distance learning, options for child care, and more: While this has been publically known for a few days, the Governor finally announced during the press conference that the presidential primary in Rhode Island will be postponed. The primary, originally scheduled to occur in April, is now planned to occur on June Second. Additionally, she claimed that it will mostly be a mail-in ballot election; although she did not announce any additional information regarding how exactly it will function. Raimondo also had many proud words to say regarding the first day of

Coronavirus; I am Terrified

Whether it’s staggering death tolls, new tips on how to stay healthy, or political concerns, the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) has taken over every person's life within a few months. In the beginning, it was ‘nothing to worry about’. Then, the dominos all began to fall in a rapidly deadly domino effect. It began to rapidly spread and take lives in staggering numbers. Concerts and sports were postponed, restaurants shut down, and hospitals were overwhelmed. Suddenly, going outside was no longer an option and grocery shopping became a full-on frenzy. Within our own community, teenagers are afraid that instead of parties, graduations, and school dances, we will be stuck inside our homes. LHS sen

Governor Raimondo 3/23 Press Conference Summary

Rhode Island has 23 new confirmed cases of COVID-19, raising the state total to 106. Schools statewide have started their distance learning programs. Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker has closed all non-essential business. Governor Gina Raimondo responded to these issues and more during her press conference on Monday, March 23: Schools across the country have officially started their distance learning programs. While Governor Raimondo was not able to give any results about the successes or failures of the first day (the press conference took place in the middle of the “school day”) she did thank parents for their dedication to distance learning and teachers for their innovation during the

A Short-Cut Winter

New England winters are notorious for their relentless snowfall and brutal, frigid temperatures. This year, however, New Englanders barely got a taste of what a usual winter looks like. With only under 15 inches of snow, compared to the average 60 to 120 inches, many New Englanders are beginning to wonder where our winter has been. The month of January alone has been recorded as the third warmest month of January in New England History. The usual temperatures throughout the past two months of winter have been mainly in the 40s and 50s, a shock for New Englanders who are used to not being able to leave their houses in the middle of winter without layers upon layers of wool and down. Even outs

Can Stress Possibly Be Good For You?

Stress is often seen as an exclusively negative situation: Homework deadlines pile up with multiple classes, family drama potentially takes its toll, and busy extracurricular schedules wear us thin. We end up exhausted. Stress can come in two different ways according to The American Institute of Stress: “distress,” which refers to the negative feelings of stress such as familial issues or a breakup, and “eustress,” which refers to stress from positive things such as starting a new job. There are also two different ways in which stress can be felt. Chronic stress, which is defined as “the physiological or psychological response to a prolonged internal or external stressful event,” according t

Self-Defense Center

As bullying in schools tend to rapidly grow every year, a gym teacher at Lincoln High School, Mr. Michael Orsini has a plan to swoop in, and be the everyday hero to these kid’s lives. Whether it is asking how your day is going, or simply just saying hello, Mr. Orsini is in the constructed filled hallways, spreading his cheer. His mission is to help and touch every kid he meets. When Mr.Orsini was just nine years old, he was heavily influenced by his instructor at the Self-Defense Center in Rhode Island. “[My instructor] kept me on the straight path… he is a positive influence and mentor in my life,” said Mr. Orsini.” From there, Orsini was persuaded by his instructor to stay at the same dojo

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