School is Still Important

Lincoln High School, along with the state of Rhode Island, have been out of school for over a month now. With schools being announced that they will be closed for the rest of the year, it is hard to imagine how thousands of students are individually dealing with the new circumstances. From learning at home, and through a screen, this is a different environment for everyone. However, it is more important than ever to be on your A game. Millions of lives across the world have been changed forever, due to the 2020 pandemic, COVOID-19. Students of all ages are now finishing the 2019-2020 school year virtually. This is something that is new for not only the students, but also the teachers; so, th

What the Future Hold Following COVID-19

It was just a few months ago when it was normal to cough and sneeze and you would not be given any dirty looks in the process. Almost everyone is currently focusing on making sure that they have enough food and supplies to make it through quarantine but have people started thinking about what this outbreak means for the future? At the moment this story is being written, there are currently well over 800,000 confirmed cases in the United States with the Coronavirus. That is over 800,000 confirmed cases since January and there could be many more cases in which the victim is not showing any signs of symptoms. Many people have struck the question, ¨How and when will this end?¨ Social distancing

Fostering During Quarantine

Everyone is home almost all day long. There are so many animals right now that need a place to call home for the time being. With animal shelters staff being limited, some animals are not getting the attention they want. Even if you can not afford to adopt an animal, there is always fostering. I have been lucky enough to get a dog to foster until we find her forever home during quarantine. My family was able to find an eight-month-old, seventeen-pound dachshund beagle mix named Iris. The week of April 12th, Iris was being transported from a shelter down in Texas. She was traveling to Connecticut where she thought her forever family would meet her. Last Saturday, she was headed to Derry, New

This Year

This year will be a different year This year will be a different year Small lawn parties with oneself Taking the dusty book off the shelf We use this time to learn about ourselves This year will be a different year Netflix and board games fill our days People reminisce and a memory plays They say proceed with caution or we will face more delays This year will be a different year Phones and computers keep us connected We now miss the outside world some of us neglected From now on, some things will be respected This year will be a different year

Pandemic or Productivity Contest?

So far, my quarantine has involved a lot, and I mean a LOT of social media scrolling. From TikTok, to Instagram, and even Pinterest, I spend a lot of my days looking at other people’s lives. The one thing that I’ve noticed on every platform I turn to: everyone seems to be getting their whole lives together. I’m always one who admires others for being productive and attempting to better themselves, but I soon came to realize how these things could be affecting others negatively in a time as fragile as this. While the occasional “workout routine” video or “cleaning my entire house because I want to!” photograph is nice and can help inspire someone to do the same, having it constantly surroundi

Obsession With Vampires

From the Twilight series to The Vampire Diaries, shows based around the supernatural beings (vampires) are everywhere and loved by many. Even Disney has done vampire shows and has had vampires in popular shows like Wizards of Waverly Place. The idea of vampires have been around forever and it seems like every generation has movies and TV shows based around them. Why is everyone obsessed with vampires? There are other popular supernatural beings like werewolves and witches, but most of the time they are still overpowered by vampires when it comes to popularity. On Halloween, vampires fill the streets and it’s almost like people’s dreams are coming true for the night. The idea of not being abl

How to Keep Busy During the COVID-19 Pandemic

After being home for over a month due to the Coronavirus outbreak, many people have been finding themselves constantly bored, and not knowing what to do with their newfound free time. To those who don’t have a job and must stay home, much like many high schoolers at LHS, they are looking for things to do while stuck at home. While it may not seem like it, there are many things one can do while in quarantine. One thing one could do to keep busy is to take up an old or a new hobby. Finding something fun to do during such a stressful time might just be the distraction needed to take one’s mind off of things. For example, painting and coloring are known to be great stress-relievers. It’s also re

Social Distancing is not Tyranny

America, at the time I write this, is currently approaching 700,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19, and is well over 30,000 confirmed cases. The growth rate is not slowing down in a significant manner, testing continues to stay below a desired amount, and hospitals are still reporting a lack of necessary resources. Most states have issued stay-at-home orders, similar to those in Rhode Island: closing schools, non-essential business, and forcing social distancing policies in places deemed essential. While it is certainly understandable for these changes to be hard to adapt to, it should be considered that they are still necessary, they slow down the spread of the disease; they “flatten the curv

Hectic at RI Blood Center

Ever since the pandemic started, many people have chosen to give blood to help save others, which is great. Currently, they are booked until the end of April. Due to the limitations of the amounts of people in a space at once, people have to book an appointment on a certain day, at a certain time. The Blood Center is limited to twenty-five people allowed in the building, including all staff and clients. They have put up sneeze guards to protect the staff from a potentially infected patient. Gail Thibaudeau, my mother, has been working at the Rhode Island Blood Center in Providence for almost thirty years. She has worked through many of the tragedies that have happened over the years includin

Why Tiktok Can Be Your Quarantine Escape

It seems like during this time of quarantine, Tiktok is taking over everyone’s screen time. I am definitely not a stranger to its addictive qualities and I will wholeheartedly admit that I spend far too much time on the app myself. However, there can be some benefits from perusing your For You Page once you have finished your schoolwork for the day. There are plenty of diy (do-it-yourself) videos on the app that can spark creativity while cooped up inside with items that are already lying around the house. There are plenty of tiktokers who have posted tutorials on things from making new recipes, to designing your own clothes, to experimenting with new photography ideas. First, I took on the

College Searching in the Midst of a Pandemic

On the weekend of April 4 and 5, one of my best friends and I were supposed to go to New York City and take a tour of one of our top schools: New York University. The tour was scheduled, we had a place to stay, and we were in the process of planning what we wanted to do on the extra day that we were there. However, in just a few weeks, our lifestyle has been turned upside down. In only a few weeks since we booked our tour, over 10,000 people in New York have died. In just a few weeks, a global pandemic struck our country and rearranged the way we do anything. Of course, there are bigger issues going on, and I don’t want this to sound whiny or ungrateful. People are dying, others are out of w

AP Exams Update: Format, Scheduling, and more

On April 3, 2020, the College Board released the new and upstaged schedules for students to take their modified AP exams. Instead of the exams beginning on Monday, May 4, as was originally planned, the exams will begin one week later on May 11. The start times for the exams, on the east coast, can either be held at 12, 2 or 4 p.m. The last day that AP exams are to be held will be Friday, May 22. If you cannot take an exam during any of the scheduled exam times, a series of makeup tests will be administered the week of June 1, 2020. In late April, the College Board says that they will provide AP students and educators with information on how to access the testing system on test day, and vide

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