Five Best Games to Play with the Family

For the past two months, we have all been practicing social distancing and staying home to the best of our ability in order to curb the spread of COVID-19. As a result of this, we have ample time to spend with family members at home. Sometimes siblings and parents can get on our nerves after being home so much for a long period of time, but it is important to appreciate this time together. After all, when life goes back to normal, it will be the hustle and bustle of our fast paced lives all over again. If you find yourself sitting at home bored and not knowing what to do, here are five of the best games you can play with your family to pass the time! Best classic family game: Charades Charad

Why I Choose a Vegan Lifestyle

The word ‘vegan’ has slowly been reaching more restaurant menus and supermarket shelves across the country. Even fast food chains such as Burger King are starting to offer meatless burgers. Among this craze, however, many are beginning to wonder, why would anyone voluntarily cut out meat and dairy from their diet? This was exactly my thought process, and as someone that never went a day without eating my precious meat and dairy products, I never would have thought I would cut these out of my diet completely. But what changed my mind? All it really took was a new perspective. Before going vegan, I never really thought about what was on my plate or where it came from. I liked the taste of me

How The Pandemic is Changing Our Earth

We’ve all noticed, and felt firsthand, the slowdown of life during the pandemic. It’s felt like a dreary, miserable time for most of us, while others have taken the opportunity to spend their days outside or catching up on work. Either way, there is no-doubt a shift in the movement of life outside of our homes. However, human life is not the only thing being impacted. There are many ways in which the pandemic is being felt in our natural world, across land, air, and sea. Here are a few of those ways and what exactly their causes are. There’s Less Air Pollution With orders to stay at home in effect in countries across the globe due to the virus, there’s been a steep decrease in travel and eco

Supporting Local Businesses: Red, White, and Brew!

In this time of need for local businesses, those of us who are fortunate enough to be able to, should seek out different local businesses that we can support. Luckily for you, I’ve found a great coffee place that supports an amazing cause: the whole package! Additionally, this business has only been open for less than six months and would love all the support from their community they can get. Red, White, and Brew has so much to offer and deserves all the support we can give right now. Located in North Smithfield, Red, White, and Brew was founded by Sheila Coyne and her son Michael Coyne. They were inspired to start their own business after Michael struggled to find work because of his disab

Candy Ratings

As I am currently laying in my bed at 4:22 am, I am pondering two things: Why am I still up? And, Thank goodness I have my candy stash next to me right now. During quarantine, to keep us occupied some have learned new skills and have been benefiting from this time at home. However, me on the other hand, I have been snacking and watching Netflix for the majority of this time. Am I ashamed? Honestly, not really. As far as I am concerned, I am doing what I would normally be doing on the weekends back when everything was normal. Sitting here thinking to myself, I have an assortment of candy next to me as I am binge watching the season two of Dead to Me on Netflix. In my stash, I have a Twix bar,

Pandemic or Productivity Contest?

So far, my quarantine has involved a lot, and I mean a LOT of social media scrolling. From TikTok, to Instagram, and even Pinterest, I spend a lot of my days looking at other people’s lives. The one thing that I’ve noticed on every platform I turn to: everyone seems to be getting their whole lives together. I’m always one who admires others for being productive and attempting to better themselves, but I soon came to realize how these things could be affecting others negatively in a time as fragile as this. While the occasional “workout routine” video or “cleaning my entire house because I want to!” photograph is nice and can help inspire someone to do the same, having it constantly surroundi

The Online Shopping Craze

With many stores closed, people at home, and COVID-19 still, unfortunately, going strong, many people have found themselves doing a whole lot of online shopping. Whether it’s getting grocery orders, buying video games, or getting some new clothes, adults and teens alike have found a sort of comfort in online shopping. At a time like this where it’s harder to go out and get to the store, online shopping has proved to be an efficient way to buy the things you want. For some people, online shopping is primarily used to placeget grocery orders or arrange forplace a curbside pick up. It’s a very good way to get all of the shopping done all while remaining safe at home, or in ayour car. Stores lik


Riding outside on bikes until sunset and sleeping in a fort into dawn Chasing down the ice cream truck and popsicles drip on the cement Playing in the biggest yard in the block and maybe a trip or two to the park Whipping out the hand gadget games and racing across the lawn Lemonade pouring into the cup and watching the big parades Grilled cheese or pizza for lunch and a scooter ride around the corner The innocent laughter fills the july muggy air The fireworks display the sky and put minds in awe The sparklers come out and the fun starts The swimming pools and sprinklers cool it all off The games in the dark The ones we weren’t supposed to play They told us it was too dark but we would play

Are You Dreaming More During Quarantine Too?

Dreams are very unique journeys, merely fabrications within the human mind in the midst of a time when the brain is in one of its most relaxed states. All kinds of people experience them, yet not everyone is able to recall what they saw, felt, touched, or heard while their eyes were shut through the dark hours of the night. When you think of a dream, it is usually something out of the normal or something that cannot or does not occur in everyday life. They are full of people we know, have known, and have yet to meet. They can be haunting, exciting, exhausting, depressing, or full of the happiest moments that we may never get to experience. Dreams are truly some of the most intricate, bizarre


What does good mean to you? What is good? Is it a feeling that makes everything feel right? Is it the nice feeling that people get when the sun cascades onto the trees? Is it within the person that smiles at a stranger? Is it the opposite of evil? Is it a mediocre word to express feelings? Is it a word and thing yet to truly be explored? It might be in the child that shares its toys with others It might be in the team that works together to score a goal It might be in a student who studies for their test It might be in the delicious meal prepared for you Good might be in many things It might be a small word compared to its bigger and more fanciful synonyms What does good mean to you? It mi

The Beautiful During the Ugly

While most of us are not, nature is currently thriving in this pandemic. Take the time to enjoy the beauty of nature, and appreciate that during a time of tragedy, nature is all around us, shining with beauty. Animals are roaming the streets, the river in Venice is clearing, smog levels are down, and so much more. There is always beauty to be found in the ugly, no matter how ugly it gets.

Celebrating a Birthday During a Pandemic

Having a birthday is usually a fun time of year when people can celebrate with their friends, families, etc. But during the COVID-19 pandemic, that has made celebrating much more difficult. This isn’t to say that birthdays can’t be fun during quarantine, but it does make them very different. There are a few ways that people can celebrate during these unprecedented times. Since everyone is limited to their houses, this gives the opportunity for more time spent with family. Having quality family time can be a really good thing, but after being cooped up inside for nearly two months, one would be lying if they said they weren’t at least a little bit annoyed with their family members. However, b

Rhode Island Begins First Stages of Reopening

On Tuesday, May Seventh, Governor Gina Raimondo announced that she would be lifting the current stay-at-home order come the weekend. This decision comes in light of the infection and death rate slowing down in Rhode Island. Before going into the details of what will be changing with the stay-at-home order lifted, it should be explained that this does not mean that the ban on social gatherings of over five people is to be lifted as well. The governor explained that this will not occur until at least the Twenty-second of May. With phase one of reopening the state beginning over the weekend, this means that certain nonessential retail businesses will be able to open under limited capacity and w

My Family Started a Local Business Right Before Covid-19 - Here’s What It’s Like

Three to four months ago, there was no way of knowing how our lives would change in such a short amount of time. 2020 started and life was carrying on as normal. Some people forget that life was not put on pause in the months following up to COVID-19. Therefore, businesses still had their opening days, and people followed their dreams with big expectations for the future. For my family, we simply decided to get into a very expensive business at what turned out to be a very bad time. My mom had always been involved in the equestrian business and my dad has experience in insurance. Early 2020, they decided that they wanted to do something that they had wanted to for a long time: lease out a sm

An Awfully Germaphobic Future

As a society, as a race, even, we are obsessed with the idea of post-apocalypse. From Mad Max, to The Hunger Games, to the slew of zombie movies and literature, it is clear that humanity does not have a positive perception of what the future would look like in the aftermath of some climatic event. Well, in the face of what many have taken to, somewhat hyperbolically, call the apocalypse, it seems that we are soon transitioning into that dreaded aftermath. As more nations are beginning to open up their economies in stages, with some states prepared to follow suit in the coming weeks, what will our post-apocalypse look like? Well, it will not be (hopefully) the dystopia which is rife in storie

Gina Raimondo’s Phases to Reopen Rhode Island

On Monday, April 27, 2020, Rhode Island Governor Gina Raimondo announced in her daily press conference an illustrated and detailed set of steps that need to be taken in order for our state to open. In outlining these steps, Raimondo and her team named each of the phases in nautical language - “weathering the storm,” “testing the water,” “navigating our way” - in order to appeal to Rhode Island being the ocean state. Over the past weeks and months, the state of Rhode Island has stored up a bastion of health supplies, ramped up their testing abilities, and prepared their hospital system in order to “set sail” into reopening Rhode Island. The state is following a procedure where scientific data

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