Iowa Caucus Results

In a surprising turn of events, the Iowa Caucus finished one day late and had a completely unprecedented outcome. Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg, upset the projected front-runner, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. The predicted runner-up, Joe Biden, surprised all when he came in fourth place under Massachusetts' Elizabeth Warren. Overall, the results of this year’s Iowa Caucus were strange to say the least, and left many voters wondering what happened.

Regardless of the outcome, the biggest highlight of the night was the controversial delay of the results. The Iowa Democratic party adopted the use of a new app that was to record the voting numbers from each district. With four years of development under the company, Shadow Inc., the app supposedly crashed and the votes had to be counted by hand. This delay caused many to react in outrage, including President Trump, who responded to the delay on Twitter by saying, “The Democrat Caucus is an unmitigated disaster. Nothing works, just like they ran the Country,” Other groups called for Iowa to drop from its position as the first state to primary, or just to eliminate the idea of a caucus as a whole. Many are claiming this mishap to be the, “death of the caucus”.

In regards to the outcome, many were surprised to see the projected fifth place, Mayor Buttigieg, come in first. This result has left many people to question the legitimacy of the election, and some are going as far as to predict that the ‘fix is in’ against Vermont Senator, Bernie Sanders. In 2016, Bernie Sanders was evidently cheated out of the democratic nomination. In Iowa this year, even thought he received the popular vote, he didn’t receive the most delegates. This leaves many Americans scratching their heads wondering what happened, and leaving many more Americans extremely skeptical about the legitimacy of the primaries.