College Choices Photo Story

“I chose Stonehill because I loved it and no other school could compare to it. The school made me feel excited for the future.” -Lydia Denio

“I chose the University of Massachusetts Amherst because I felt as though it was the best place where I could succeed as an individual. I love the campus and the suburban setting, along with the large population in which I can meet a lot of new people. It definitely had a strong reputation for my major, and I love how united UMASS is at events such as tailgates and sports. I am so excited to attend there in the fall!” -Caitlyn Quigley

“I chose Bryant University for its reputation of finding students jobs post graduation, its integration of business and liberal arts, its close knit community, beautiful campus and D1 sports. As a business student I couldn’t pick a better school. The moment I stepped onto campus it felt like home, and I could tell that all the kids on campus were driven, and Bryant was really a place that I could flourish and succeed. I can't wait to be a bulldog! ” -Aalyah Ribeiro

“I chose American International College because they are allowing me to further pursue my love for soccer and study to become a nurse. In addition, it was a perfect fit financially and I felt really comfortable and welcomed when I stayed for two nights. I can definitely see myself spending the next four years there.” -Morgan Soares

“I chose Salve for the beautiful campus, the great location, and the at home feel it gave me when I went to visit. I absolutely loved the idea of getting to know everyone and being able to get to know my professors and create relationships instead of just being a number in their class.” -Mia Santos

“I chose Wheaton because of the amazing swim team and their neuroscience program. Wheaton felt like home the second I stepped on campus, and from there it just got better.” -Ben Goho

“I chose Auburn because of the excellent sports and the medicine/kinesiology program they have. Also the competitive sports teams they withhold.” -Kyle Moison