What does good mean to you?

What is good?

Is it a feeling that makes everything feel right?

Is it the nice feeling that people get when the sun cascades onto the trees?

Is it within the person that smiles at a stranger?

Is it the opposite of evil?

Is it a mediocre word to express feelings?

Is it a word and thing yet to truly be explored?

It might be in the child that shares its toys with others

It might be in the team that works together to score a goal

It might be in a student who studies for their test

It might be in the delicious meal prepared for you

Good might be in many things

It might be a small word compared to its bigger and more fanciful synonyms

What does good mean to you?

It might be a feeling of justification after being productive after a long day of work

What must good be?

It must be a simple word that carries big thoughts

It must be the driving force of humanity

It must be a four letter word with power

It must be the end goal for many

It must be what everyone wants to be called the way they want to be seen

It must be good.

Is Good, good?