Riding outside on bikes until sunset

and sleeping in a fort into dawn

Chasing down the ice cream truck

and popsicles drip on the cement

Playing in the biggest yard in the block

and maybe a trip or two to the park

Whipping out the hand gadget games

and racing across the lawn

Lemonade pouring into the cup

and watching the big parades

Grilled cheese or pizza for lunch

and a scooter ride around the corner

The innocent laughter fills the july muggy air

The fireworks display the sky and put minds in awe

The sparklers come out and the fun starts

The swimming pools and sprinklers cool it all off

The games in the dark

The ones we weren’t supposed to play

They told us it was too dark

but we would play anyway

We would play until the next day

and the day after that

One day it would all end

and the day’s routine would go away

September would start

and new kids would begin to roam the block

Eventually winter came and we went inside

Until one day we were older and just didn’t have time

The summer days were glorious

and the memories are all mine

Reminiscing on childhood puts a perspective on time