Summer is approaching…

by Catherine Hien

Lion’s Roar Staff

Inches of sleeves evaporate as the sun burns its glowing beams,

Summer is approaching faster than it seems.

Poodle dogs sweat off the aching fur glued to their skin,

Dirt roads dry as they appear very thin.

Cohooting with old friends ignored during the fall,

The warm breeze envelopes as the kids throw a ball.

Life whirled around the sun once again,

School is far from starting and will not begin.

Tears dry from our eyes as the books are put away,

Teenagers are finally starting to feel okay.

Skin burns off the sorrow feelings of winter,

Water splashes into the summer swelter.

Hair ties up as the sun moves closer,

Ears exposed, bare as the unveiled shoulders.

Doubtful of negative times,

The summer reminds us of better rhymes.

If I had a dime every time I experienced a summer,

I could buy a double-braided Twizzler.

Seventeen insightful years,

Could fill a void of a thousand tears.

Developing a successful future career,

Can drive someone to fall like a deer.

Papers fly out of our hands,

The sun peaks out of the bushes, into plans.

As summer approaches, our headspaces create room,

Resting our brains for the next year to continue.